I never realized how hard it was to find a good Officiant


Our Story

Every bride worries about what could go wrong on their big day. I was the same way. This is a special day, one you will remember for the rest of your life. After searching for an officiant myself, one that wasn't going to break the bank, I found one. But less than 24 hours before my special moment the unthinkable happened. The officiant I hired had to leave the state due to a family emergency. I panicked! I thought there was no way my wedding was going to happen. LUCKILY, she was able to find someone to step in for her at the last minute and my wedding went on as planned. During our honeymoon I couldn't help but to keep thinking about our situation and I thought "I could do that." After we returned home I did all my research and became an Ordained Minister. I have met other's in this field with the same priorities as mine and decided to team up so that we will never put any couple through the panic I went through. My goal is to give you the wedding of your dreams. The way you want it, not the way someone tells you it needs to be done. It is your day. You deserve a ceremony the way you have dreamed of.